Aomori Prefecture Quantum Science Center (QSC)

About us

About us

Maintaining and cultivating human resources and technologies that support the nuclear power industry through state-of-the-art quantum science research

Aomori Prefecture has established the Aomori Prefecture Quantum Science Center (QSC)

utilizing the many nuclear-related facilities located environment in this area to actively contribute to fostering human resources and promoting research and development in the quantum science field. QSC will conduct human resource cultivation activities targeting students, workers and others. The activities will include the cultivation of human resources having expertise of nuclear safety, disaster prevention, radiation control, etc., courses for obtaining national qualifications such as radiation protection supervisor licenses, and training for work managers and core technicians, etc.

In research and development activities, the cyclotron accelerator and PET/MRI system (3.0 T integral type using small animals, introduced in Japan for the first time), etc. will be utilized for the following four objectives:
  1. the development of advanced technologies for separating radioisotopes from high-level radioactive waste,
  2. the application of radioisotopes to medical and engineering fields, etc.,
  3. the development of advanced radiation measurement technologies, and
  4. the development of material science technologies using radiation and radiation fields.

These activities are expected to lead to the acquisition of advanced knowledge and technologies related to nuclear power, promote employment in the nuclear industry, and develop human resources and industries in Aomori Prefecture.