Aomori Prefecture Quantum Science Center (QSC)



R&D supporting the foundation of the nuclear and radiation industries

BNCT device

Using the BNCT device, tests on cells and small animals (mice, rats and rabbits) are possible. The test results will be utilized to accumulate basic data regarding boron-neutron capture therapy (BNCT), which is an innovative cancer treatment therapy, and to develop it.
※BNCT:Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

NRT device

NRT devices are capable of penetration inspection using neutrons generated by irradiating metallic beryllium with a proton beam.
※NRT:Neutron Radiography Testing

PIXE analyzer

X-rays released from a sample irradiated with a proton beam is measured to perform a quantitative analysis of microelements (trace elements).
※PIXE:Particle Induced X-ray Emission

Usable major nuclides

At the QSC, the following nuclides that have been approved by the Nuclear Regulation Authority can be used.

List of major approved nuclides
nuclide Physical state
11C Gas and liquid
13N Liquid
15O Gas and liquid
18F Gas and liquid
54Mn Liquid and solid
58Co Liquid and solid
60Co Liquid and solid
nuclide Physical state
64Cu Solid
85Sr Liquid and solid
90Sr Liquid and solid
90Y Liquid and solid
137Cs Liquid and solid
198Au Liquid and solid